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September 25, 2014: GJAE, TradeJustice, Peruvian Community Activists Tell President Humala: Don't Sell Out Peru to Corporate Greed!

August 6, 2014: Huntington, NY: TradeJustice and Long Island Activists Speak Expose Bagua Massacre, TPP at Clinton Signing

June 30, 2014, Chappaqua, NY: TradeJustice Activists Denounce Hillary Clinton's Support for TPP, Complicity in Bagua Massacre at Library Signing

June 10, 2014, New York City: TradeJustice Activists Expose Hillary Clinton's Complicity in Bagua Massacre, Support for TPP and Other Job-Killing Trade Deals At Book Tour Kickoff

September 10, 2010: Protest As Pres. Garcia Receives Award at Council of the Americas

July 7, 2009, New York City: Peruvian Consulate Protest

June 11, 2009, Patterson, New Jersey: Peruvian Consulate Protest

June 10, 2009, New York City: Peruvian Consulate Protest and Blockade of Senator Schumer's Office

February 26, 2008, New York City: Peruvian Consulate Protest and Blockade at Senator Clinton's Office Building

November 13, 2007: New York City: Tug-O-Hillary! Street Theater & Protest to Push Hillary Clinton to Oppose the Peru Free Trade Agreement

October 9, 2007: New York City: Global Justice for Animals Leaflets Against Sellout Democrat Elliot Engel for Supporting the Peru Free Trade Agreement!

November 11, 2007: New York City: Sen. Clinton Wrangled by Rangel, Edwards, Bush, and Corporate Lobbyists in Peru Free Trade "Tug-O-Hillary"

October 1, 2007: New York City: Cowboy Bush and Corporate Lobbyists Bribe Charlie Rangel to Support Peru Free Trade Agreement at Street Theater Protest in Harlem

August 8, 2007, New York City: Activist Posed As Rep. Rangel Dances With The Devil (Bush) Outside Swanky Fundraiser As Protestors Denounce His Support For Peru Free Trade

July 19, 2007, New York City: Vampire-in-Chief Bush to Bleed Peru, South Korea, Colombia, and Panama Dry with Free Trade Agreements at Colombian Independence Festival

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