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2009-07-22:Area College Student’s Relatives Shot for Opposing Free Trade Agreement

2009-07-09:A month after the Bagua massacre in Peru: the silence of the Obama administration and more shameless actions of the Peruvian government

2009-07-04:The fight for the Peruvian rainforest

2009-07-01:Groups’ letter criticizes Senate’s ratification of Peru free trade pact

2009-07-01:Delegations of AIDESEP arrive in Bagua for gathering tomorrow in Santa Maria de Nieva

2009-07-01:Return to Bagua

Preliminary investigations by Human Rights organizations in the Amazonas territories of Peru indicate around a hundred reports of missing family members in the aftermath of the conflict centered in Baguas last month. Now with attention being drawn to the military coup in Honduras, the Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon in Peru draw together to take the next steps towards recognition, respect, and protection of the Right to Self Determination.

2009-07-01:Peru Cabinet Member Resigns Following Violent Clashes

2009-06-24:AIDESEP Warns that Persecution Continues and Announces that it will Withdraw from the Dialogue if it Persists

2009-06-22:Canada-Peru free trade agreement welcome news

2009-06-20:UN calls for Peru clashes probe

2009-06-20:Massacre in Peru: A trip into the Amazon brings answers and more questions

2009-06-19:Images reveal full horror of 'Amazon's Tiananmen'

2009-06-19:Peru Indians Hail "Historic" Day

2009-06-19:Peru revokes land laws, but the struggle continues

2009-06-18:Canada ratifies Peru free trade agreement, stays silent on Amazon massacre

2009-06-18:Massacre in the Amazon: The US/Peru Free Trade Agreement Sparks a Battle Over Land and Resources

2009-06-18:Peruvian Congress Votes 82 – 12 to Repeal Two Controversial Laws

2009-06-16:Massacre in the Amazon: The U.S.-Peru Free Trade Agreement Sparks a Battle Over Land and Resources

2009-06-16:U.S. human rights and environmental groups demand Obama administration to address Peru Free Trade decrees that caused Indigenous massacre

2009-06-15:U.S. Government Pressured to Take Action on Peru Conflict Given Role of US-Peru Trade Agreement

2009-06-15:Groups press Canadian government to halt ratification of Peru FTA bill

2009-06-15:Peru announces repeal of controversial decrees - Prime minister Simon to resign

2009-06-13:'We are fighting for our lives and our dignity'

2009-06-12:Cover-up claim after Peru clashes

2009-06-12:We just want to Live in Peace

2009-06-11:Peru massacre: there could be up to 250 killed in Bagua says Indigenous leader Miguel Palacin

2009-06-11:Protesters Gird for Long Fight Over Opening Peru’s Amazon

2009-06-11:Up to 250 Indigenous Peruvians Killed in Bagua, Says Leader Miguel Palacin

2009-06-10:As Peruvian Indigenous Leader Seeks Asylum, Indigenous Voices Must Be Heard

2009-06-10:Peru dissident 'in Nicaraguan embassy'

2009-06-10:Disputed Peru land laws suspended

2009-06-10:Peru: Battle Lines Drawn over the Amazon

2009-06-10:Peru's Congress suspends divisive Amazon land laws

2009-06-09:Nicaragua grants asylum to Peruvian indigenous leader

2009-06-09:Peru Archbishop calls for dialogue after killings

2009-06-09:Amazon violence sours Peru’s ties with natives

2009-06-09:Amazon Indians challenge Peru over land

2009-06-09:‘Police Are Throwing Bodies in the River,’ Say Native Protesters

2009-06-09:Indigenous Women Speak Out Against Violence in Peru

2009-06-09:Civil Society Condemns Massacre of Indigenous People in Peru

2009-06-09:Voices Raised Against Violence in Peru

2009-06-09:British Mining company faces injunction over torture allegations in Peru

2009-06-08:Actress Q’orianka Kilcher Leads Fight To Save The Amazon And Her People

2009-06-08:Indigenous Protesters Confronted with Violence in Peru

2009-06-08:MADRE Denounces Peruvian Police Crackdown on Indigenous Protesters

2009-06-08:Democracy Now Reports on Bagua Massacre

2009-06-08:Eyewitness Reports Accuse Peruvian Police of Disposing the Bodies of Dead Indigenous Protesters

2009-06-08:Celebrities Protest For Environmental And Human Rights In Peru

2009-06-08:Benjamin Bratt and His Filmmaker Brother speak Out Against Killing of Indigenous People in Their Mother's Homeland of Peru

2009-06-08:FTA-Spawned Crisis Continues in Peru

2009-06-07:Protests Over Amazon Escalate In Peru

2009-06-06:Up to 30 Killed in Peru Amazon Clashes

2009-06-06:Tension roils Peru after deadly Amazon clashes

2009-06-06:Police Open Fire on Indigenous Blockade in the Peruvian Amazon - 25 Civilians and 9 Police Dead

2009-06-05:Police Violently Attack Peaceful Indigenous Blockade in the Peruvian Amazon

2009-06-02:PERU: Statement of the Chair of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII)

2009-05-28:Day 50 of Indigenous Protests in Peru

2009-04-23:The United States has military bases in Peru: a secret deal included a free trade agreement

2009-02-11:Tragedy in Peru: eight miners killed after labor safety and environmental abuses

2009-01-16:Critics: Bush signoff on US-Peru trade pact ignores labor, environment concerns

2009-01-13:Peru’s government tortured farmers and Indigenous leaders who protested against UK-China mining venture

February 2008: 4 Farmers Murdered Protesting Peru FTA! 700 Arrested!
State of Emergency Declared in 8 Peruvian Regions!

"Peru: Four Dead After Government Crackdown on Protests Against US Trade Deal" by Daniel Denvir (Upside Down World, 2/26/08)


Campesinos se movilizan contra el TLC (includes video)

Hot Time in Peru by Oread Daily (Infoshop News, 2/20/08)

Three killed in farmers, cops clash in Peru (Associated Press, 2/20/08)

Peru Roads Blocked in Trade Protest (Al Jazeera English, 2/19/08)

2007-11-06:Peru Free Trade Agreement, Another Disaster in the Making

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