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The US-Peru Free Trade Agreement is a bad deal for workers, the Amazon rainforest, the Andes, family farmers, social security beneficiaries, indigenous people, wildlife, farmed animals, people with AIDS, and anyone who wants safe food and clean water!
The links below represent statements and information developed by a wide range of organizations critical of the US-Peru Free Trade Agreement in its present form.

Statment from 6 Organizations: Congress Should Vote No on Peru Free Trade Agreement While Bush Threatens TAA Veto

NYC People's Referendum on Free Trade: Pelosi's Support for Anti-Environmental, Anti-Indigenous Peru Free Trade Agreement Financed with Oil Dollars from Occidental Petroleum

58 Organizations in Opposition to the Peru Free Trade Agreement

Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch

Citizen's Trade Campaign

Change to Win Letter to Congress Newspaper Ad

Afro-Pervian and Afro-Colombian Organizations Opposed to Peru and Colombia Free Trade Agreements

Global Exchange

League of United Latin American Citizens Press Release (July 2007) Resolution (July 2007)

Global Justice for Animals

Interfaith Working Group on Investment and Trade

Green Left Weekly

American Friends Service Committee

Maine Fair Trade Campaign


Oxfam International on Cotton

Oxfam International on Drug Access

Ofxfam America

Network: A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby

Washington Office on Latin America

Mennonite Central Committee

Latin America Press (Noticias Aliadas)

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America


PDA/DFA Progressive Democracy South Jersey

Communication Workers of America

The Sierra Club

Foreign Policy in Focus

Alliance for Responsible Trade

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