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Peru Congress revokes land laws

As Tensions Flare in Peruvian Amazon, Award-Winning Actor Q’orianka Kilcher Heads to Peru to Support Indigenous Rights

"Peruvian indigenous leader Alberto Pizango has been granted asylum in Nicaragua after leading protests against oil and mining projects in the northern Peruvian Amazonian province of Bagua. Over the weekend, an estimated sixty people died after police tried to break up a blockade. We speak to actor Q’orianka Kilcher, of part Indigenous Quechua descent, who is heading to Peru to support the Amazonian protest." -Democracy Now

Democracy Now Reports on Bagua Massacre

"Tragedy in Peru. Let us honor all the dead and show solidarity with the families, friends and communities of Indigenous civilians and policemen killed, tortured, burned, and disappeared. Lets do it by preventing for this not to happen again." -Democracy Now

Los Angeles protest in support of Peru's Indiginous Peoples rights , May 26,2009

Celebrities Colin Farrell, Woody Harrelson, Qorianka Kilcher , Jesse Garcia, Alex Meraz and Clifton Collins pull together in an effort to call attention to Peru's Indigenous peoples plight and struggle for survival , health and basic human rights In the wake of the FTA and the Peruvian governments attempts to allow multinational oil, gas, logging and mining corporations to take over their land, without previous consultation or consent of the local inhabitants. (Click the Youtube Video to read more)

Peru in bid to end Amazon protest

11th Hour / Actress Q'Orianka Kilcher Interview

Actress Q'Orianka Kilcher sits down with G LIVING at the after party for the 11th Hour Movie. This amazing young woman is living "G" and had a ton of amazing things to share.

Q'Orianka Kilcher: Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Speaking at the International Forum on Globalization, Q'Orianka challenges globalization as it is today...and celebrates the recent passage of the UN Declaration on the rights of indigenous people.Unedited program is available through Institute for Policy Studies.Sept 14, 2007.

Q'orianka Kilcher - Brower Youth Awards 2007

Q'orianka Kilcher's speech - Brower Youth Awards 2007

Q'orianka is an enthusiastic filmmaker and actress of Peruvian ancestry who has used her celebrity to draw attention to pressing human rights and environmental injustices. Of special concern to her was Los Angeles based Occidental Petroleum, which was responsible for pumping some 800,000 barrels of toxic wastewater containing contaminants such as cyanide, arsenic, lead and mercury into the Corrientes river basin in the Peruvian Amazon. The Achuar are one of several Amazonian communities that depend on the river basin for drinking, fishing and bathing, and they have been on the frontlines of conflict for 35 years. On a trip to Peru to promote a recent film, Q'orianka directed her publicity and media attention towards the plight faced by Achuar. She invited indigenous leaders to participate in a red carpet event, toured the impacted communities and conducted interviews with affected peoples for a documentary, collaborated with U.S. based campaigners Amazon Watch, and met with employees of oil companies to request that they tour the impacted area.

Q'orianka Kilcher in Perú

Trip from Q'orianka Kilcher to the North forest of Peru, to state the contamination by fuel of the river basin of the Corrientes river, territory of the Indians to achuar.

No al TLC-No to the Free Trade Agreement with Peru

Campesino leaders explain their opposition to the proposed free trade agreement or trade promotion act with the United States.

Hillary Clinton Laughs About NAFTA

At the 11/15/07 presidential debate, Hillary Clinton laughed about NAFTA and said she could barely remember the debate over that devastating trade pact that the Clinton administration passed. Now, she has announced she plans to vote for the Peru Free Trade Agreement - the bill that expands the NAFTA model into South America.

Labor Beat: Peru Trade Action at Obama HQ, Chicago

Members of the Chicago Trade with Justice Working Group paid a visit to the Obama for America headquarters in Chicago on Dec. 15, 2007. They wanted to tell Senator Barack Obama that they are concerned with his failure to appear at the recent Senate vote on the US-Peru "Free Trade" Agreement. They left a statement for Obama, a current candidate for U.S. President, and expressed their disappointment that he skipped the vote on the Peru trade pact. They were even more concerned that Obama, along with Sen Hillary Clinton, made public statements supporting the Peru Trade deal and that Illinois Senator from Illinois, Dick Durbin, voted in favor of it.

Peru Free Trade Scam
Video from a demonstration in Portland Oregon concerning Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer's intent to vote for a trade deal with Peru. Having failed to pass a NAFTA-esque trade deal for the 33 countries of South America, the Bush administration is seeking to negotiate deals with each one separately.

Rep. Pete DeFazio Denounces Peru FTA 11/8/07

James Hoffa on Peru Free Trade Agreement
Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa tells Bloomberg News that the Peru FTA will be another failed trade policy that gives American businesses incentives to move more jobs offshore. "We should take a whole new look at trade and how it fits into globalization."

The Devil Speaks… Bush on Trade at the State of the Union Address, 2008

Hillary and NAFTA/Free Trade: Make Up Your Mind

It’s almost impossible to tell where Hillary Clinton stands on NAFTA/Free Trade. During her Husband's presidency, she was for it. She has even been quoted with Pro-NAFTA statements as late as 2004, but now as she is running for president she has been speaking against it. Yet her voting record is heavily mixed, and has had pro-free trade votes as late as 2006 and didn't even show up for the Free Trade Peru deal. Research who you give vote to.

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